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Contemporary Wedding Albums | Hampshire

Today I would like to present my lovely albums.

My fine art books hold your special images - filled with emotions, details, portraits and memories; there to be rediscovered over and over again. Contemporary, custom-layered pages match each individual session and are designed to reveal love as art.

Perfect as a wedding album; full of timeless pictures of your special day - clean, simple and beautiful... Enjoy:

fine art wedding albums hampshire

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Awaiting… | Pregnancy Photography | Hampshire

Pregnancy is one of those real miracles that happen in front of your eyes. It's a special journey in a women's life; full of genuine moments and emotions. Because of its uniqueness, is worth considering having a pregnancy session to keep those memories forever with you. So Mums-to-be, don't be afraid, the camera doesn’t bite! ;)

All the best for Aneta and Lukasz with their second baby on its way... Enjoy:

maternity photography hampshire

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Mexico | Playa Del Carmen | Iberostar Tucan/Quetzal

Amazing Mexico; another Caribbean destination on our holiday map. After seeing other Caribbean countries, I would say Mexico is a great destination for holidaymakers who like to explore the places that they go to. We stayed at Iberostar Tucan hotel in Playa Del Carmen; a small, mainly tourist-oriented city about one hour south from the famous Cancun city. Playa Del Carmen is the perfect place for nightlife, with many amazing pubs and restaurants to choose from. One thing that you must do is go to Coco Bongo - an incredible discotheque-style show themed with famous movies, bands and musicians. One time there is not enough for many - it is really worth it!

For those who like more beach-type relaxing I would highly recommend Playa Paraiso Beach; one of the most beautiful in Mexico. It's about 40 minutes’ drive from Playa Del Carmen and is very popular due to its amazing rock cliffs, soft, sandy beach and Tulum ruins. Here you’ll need to be aware that by choosing an excursion to see it, you won’t have time enjoy the two breath-taking beaches. Instead consider hiring a taxi or car as the price should be around the same fee. We also saw the Chichen Itza Pyramid, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Cuzumel Island with the beautifully designed Iberostar Cozumel Hotel and Valladolid City with its colonial-style city centre.

As I mentioned at the beginning, there is much more to see. So I hope someday I will return to Mexico to explore it more deeply. But for now, all i can do is to feed my hope with pictures that I've managed to take there. Enjoy:

mexico iberostar quetzal and tucan amazing beach session

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Newborn Photo Session | Baby Photography | Hampshire | Southampton

Nadia and her parents have appeared in one of my previous posts, which was just a snippet of this session. Now it's time to review my full report from that day. It was an amazing experience to photograph the small baby whereby, due to the nature of this kind of session, the expected outcome is to create something cute and soft. Having this on my mind, I was keen to avoid sharpening images as much as is possible to keep the natural softness. I Hope that I've managed to achieve it so that you all will enjoy these lovely images:

newborn art fotography london

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Wedding Photographer | Documentary | Hampshire | Southampton

I'm really proud to finally invite you to see some of my wedding photography.

It's actually a sneak peek of my younger brother's wedding. I'm glad that the light conditions allowed me to use my camera in the church, as well as at the reception.

99 percent of these pictures where taken using a photo-journalistic approach to wedding photography. - So that later, even after 30 year's time, my brother and his wife will be able to 'travel back in time' to those magical moments when I was witness to their wedding. Enjoy!

documentary wedding photographer london

wedding photographer london

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Newborn Photo Session | Baby Photographer | Dorset | Bournemouth

Sneak peek of another newborn photo session. This time, I was pleased to take photos of lovely Nadia, who was just 14 days old. As she was born two weeks before she was due, she was still quite calm and very small :) Enjoy:

newborn art photographer bournemouth

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Newborn Photo Session | Family Photographer | London

Hello, I'm coming back with full report from newborn photo session with Dawid. Like I mentioned before, it was my first ever session with newborn and I was really very exited about it. Feeling all that excitement and pressure, I did some brief research about this kind of session to have a general idea what kind of poses are safe and possible for the baby.

I was really keen to get some photos while Dawid slept. Unfortunately, he didn't feel much like sleeping that day... :)

Having a baby is a minor miracle; it felt like I was witness to one that day. Whatever his parents do, newborn Dawid is the centre of their lives now and I'm pleased that my images will always remind them of those moments. Enjoy:

newborn art photographer london

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