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Katarina Beauty Test Shots | Sneak Peek | Southampton

Some while ago I invited Katarina for some beauty test shots. Without having any particular plan or mood for this session we decided to shoot as we go and see where its gonna take us. Here is a sneak peak from this session and already can't wait to share them all so stay tuned and watch this space!!!

Southampton Beauty Photographer

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Nicole | Newborn Photographer Southampton | Hampshire

Here we are with Kamila again, but this one was even more special. I was finally introduced to her newborn baby girl, Nicole. I was privileged to be able to meet and photograph this adorable little angel. I must admit, she didn't make it easy for us because she didn’t want to sleep. After about two hours, she finally fell asleep (for a bit!) and I started to take some pictures.

In my view, photos of newborns should be post-processed very carefully to keep the baby’s cuteness. Even though I'm extremely happy with the photographs from this session, there are still plenty of things I need to learn as a newborn photographer. That is why I'm looking forward for my next possible session.

Get in touch if you would like to plan one for your little baby. Enjoy:

newborn photographer southampton

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Hen Night Party Session | Grand Harbour De Vere | Southampton

It was an amazing experience to be a part of a Hen Night, at least for a moment! Lots of fun, girls, and me photographing them while they were cheering for the bride-to-be, Renata, who was just about to get married.

Everything was secret, including the place - Hotel De Vere Grand Harbour, Southampton - and the guest list, and I was there as the photographer. The hotel is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Southampton. It's also the perfect place for a wedding venue.

Renata's sister chose the best available apartment for their party with a stunning view of the sea and the harbour. It was great to be part of their hen night experience and I hope you’ll consider me as your photographer if you have one! Enjoy the pictures:

hen party night grand harbour southampton

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Renata & Darren | Pre Wedding Session | Southampton | Hampshire

Here are some photographs from a pre-wedding session with Renata and Darren, which took place in Hamble, Southampton. It wasn't a perfect day for outdoor shooting, so for most of the session, we hid in one of the most amazing pubs I've ever been in: 'The King and Queen.'

We were lucky enough to find a lot of space there, so we could produce these stunning shots without bothering anyone there. I hope you like them. Enjoy:

pre wedding photo session london

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Natasza & James Wedding | Marwell Hall | Eastleigh | Hampshire

I'm pleased to share with you pictures of Natasza, James, and their wedding venue Marwell Hall in Eastleigh, Hampshire. I'll let the pictures tell the story of this stunning location and beautiful couple! Enjoy:

wedding photographer london

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Renata & Darren | Sneak Peak Engage Session | Hamble | Southampton

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm a bit behind with everything here, but I've been so so busy with lots of different things! Being busy does however, mean that I'll be able to post some more amazing pictures here in the near future ;)

Today we have a sneak preview of Renata and Darren from their engagement shoot which took place in Netley Abbey Ruins, Royal Victoria Country Park, and (once we were forced by the weather) finished up in one of the lovely pubs in Hamble, Southampton.

I really enjoyed this day, demanding conditions, fast pace, and shooting in so many different places was a challenge I relished, and we ended up with a really nice selection of images. Oh, and did I mention that Renata is expecting a baby? Enjoy:

Pre Wedding  Photo Session Southampton

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Engagement Photo Session | Royal Victoria Country Park | Netley Abbey Southampton | Hampshire

Meet Natasza, James, and their cute 10 month old daughter Kaya.

This amazing couple chose Netley Abbey, Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton as the spot for their engagement photo session. Being in front of the camera is not an easy job so we all decided that most of the pictures would be taken naturally, as some of the best shots are the ones that come without people posing much. After just a few shots I was absolutely amazed by how easy-going and fun the couple were. I realized that my session time would depend on how long Kaja was happy and content (In other words, the session will be over if Kaya says so, and those who have a baby will understand what I mean!)

With this in mind, we quickly found the best spots to take pictures. Spots that would allow us to create beautiful pictures full of magic moments, love and emotion that just can't be posed. Enjoy:

netley abbey engagement photo session southampton

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