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Nicole | Newborn Photographer Southampton | Hampshire

Here we are with Kamila again, but this one was even more special. I was finally introduced to her newborn baby girl, Nicole. I was privileged to be able to meet and photograph this adorable little angel. I must admit, she didn't make it easy for us because she didn’t want to sleep. After about two hours, she finally fell asleep (for a bit!) and I started to take some pictures.

In my view, photos of newborns should be post-processed very carefully to keep the baby’s cuteness. Even though I'm extremely happy with the photographs from this session, there are still plenty of things I need to learn as a newborn photographer. That is why I'm looking forward for my next possible session.

Get in touch if you would like to plan one for your little baby. Enjoy:

newborn photographer southampton

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Family Photography for Canvas Print | Southampton | Hampshire

A portrait or family photography using natural light can be as good as when shot in a photo studio. I think sometimes it's even better, as we can get far more creative ideas and interesting outcomes.

Today I present a photo taken in a living room where ambient light was coming through from a balcony window behind me. The idea was to take a few portrait shots and use one of them for a large canvas print.

This photo is special, as it's the very first shot from the session! Enjoy:

family photographer canvas print

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Engagement Photo Session | Royal Victoria Country Park | Netley Abbey Southampton | Hampshire

Meet Natasza, James, and their cute 10 month old daughter Kaya.

This amazing couple chose Netley Abbey, Royal Victoria Country Park in Southampton as the spot for their engagement photo session. Being in front of the camera is not an easy job so we all decided that most of the pictures would be taken naturally, as some of the best shots are the ones that come without people posing much. After just a few shots I was absolutely amazed by how easy-going and fun the couple were. I realized that my session time would depend on how long Kaja was happy and content (In other words, the session will be over if Kaya says so, and those who have a baby will understand what I mean!)

With this in mind, we quickly found the best spots to take pictures. Spots that would allow us to create beautiful pictures full of magic moments, love and emotion that just can't be posed. Enjoy:

netley abbey engagement photo session southampton

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Awaiting… | Pregnancy Photography | Hampshire

Pregnancy is one of those real miracles that happen in front of your eyes. It's a special journey in a women's life; full of genuine moments and emotions. Because of its uniqueness, is worth considering having a pregnancy session to keep those memories forever with you. So Mums-to-be, don't be afraid, the camera doesn’t bite! ;)

All the best for Aneta and Lukasz with their second baby on its way... Enjoy:

maternity photography hampshire

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Newborn Photo Session | Baby Photography | Hampshire | Southampton

Nadia and her parents have appeared in one of my previous posts, which was just a snippet of this session. Now it's time to review my full report from that day. It was an amazing experience to photograph the small baby whereby, due to the nature of this kind of session, the expected outcome is to create something cute and soft. Having this on my mind, I was keen to avoid sharpening images as much as is possible to keep the natural softness. I Hope that I've managed to achieve it so that you all will enjoy these lovely images:

newborn art fotography london

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Newborn Photo Session | Baby Photographer | Dorset | Bournemouth

Sneak peek of another newborn photo session. This time, I was pleased to take photos of lovely Nadia, who was just 14 days old. As she was born two weeks before she was due, she was still quite calm and very small :) Enjoy:

newborn art photographer bournemouth

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Newborn Photo Session | Family Photographer | London

Hello, I'm coming back with full report from newborn photo session with Dawid. Like I mentioned before, it was my first ever session with newborn and I was really very exited about it. Feeling all that excitement and pressure, I did some brief research about this kind of session to have a general idea what kind of poses are safe and possible for the baby.

I was really keen to get some photos while Dawid slept. Unfortunately, he didn't feel much like sleeping that day... :)

Having a baby is a minor miracle; it felt like I was witness to one that day. Whatever his parents do, newborn Dawid is the centre of their lives now and I'm pleased that my images will always remind them of those moments. Enjoy:

newborn art photographer london

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