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Beauty of Snow | Southampton Common Park | Landscape Photographer | Nature

How unpredictable our lives can be! My previous post was about the beauty of the British Autumn. It has been just two weeks since I took those pictures and no one could have imagined that those two weeks would bring us so much change through the famous power of Mother Nature. All because of snow. Seems like this could be funny for some of you, but snow is not something we usually see where I live. It has grown to be quite a serious issue with most of the schools closing, buses suspended and trains barely operating with a limited timetable. All of those problems forced me to stay at home and work remotely, where I did hope that the snow would stay for a little bit and allow me to capture some of those beautiful city and park landscapes during my lunch break. The view I saw was amazing. Under this winter coat, there was the hidden glow of autumn and that is why my pictures retain some of the colours that are so unusual for a typical winter period. I'm so glad that I can add those photos of the Southampton Common Park to my landscape photography prey.

...and in the end, I could say also that I was very lucky to have my camera with me, as I was planing to give it for the repair... Enjoy:

Southampton Common Park | December 2010 | Winter Snow

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Colours of Autumn | Southampton Common Park | Landscape Photographer

Only at this time of the year does the weather give us the opportunity to capture nature with a whole palette of colours, where even the rain could be a blessing by adding something special to our pictures. Southampton Common Park is definitely one of the best place to start looking for those magical moments that autumn offers. Landscape fall pictures always have something special in them that could turn these kinds of images into an art.

The picture underneath is just a taste of this and I hope there is going to be more to show in the future. Enjoy:

Autumn | Southampton Common | Landscape Photographer

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Highcliffe Castle Christchurch Dorset BH23 4LE

The south west part of the England is full of stunning places to hold a wedding. One such special place is Highcliffe Castle in Christchurch, Dorset, which I discovered 3 years back and fell in love with. It's on the lovely cliff coast beach with a breathtaking view of the Isle of Wight. Wedding photography is not an easy task, and when it comes to taking the pictures at a place like this, the pressure rises. For me, it's about capturing the character of these places, as the background on the image is something that you can't forget. The pictures underneath are all about this background. Enjoy.

Highcliffe Castle Christchurch Dorset

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